Aural Malpractice

Aural malpractice is an episodic podcast that focuses on discussion without direction. The writers/directors/producers/advertisers/caterers/planners of this show will enthusiastically take you along on a technical disaster of a journey that includes current events, random musings, and pointless philosophy. More specifically, we just want to make you laugh while we fill a void in our dreadful lives. But we’re not picky. We’ll certainly settle for that raise-your-eyebrow-and-shake-your-head-in-disbelief reaction that parodies all of my first dates. But in all seriousness, we hope you enjoy your time here, and be sure to tell your friends about the worst podcast in human history. Most people think that when you set the bar to subterranean levels, there’s nowhere to go but up. We intend to go sideways. Enjoy!
-The Aural Malpracticioners

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